Transmedia: What is it? and is it worth it?

Transmedia is about what happens when digital, social and mobile technologies are used to extend the experience of a storyworld beyond the boundaries of its primary media, whether that’s a book, a television series or a video game.

Transmedia for me is simply telling a story across more than one platform.  However, I do think there are grades of transmedia, such as whether you can join the narrative at any point, or from any view point, rather than all viewers entering from the same point every time, and I hope to elaborate on this in a further post.

Interestingly, wikipedia’s “transmedia” page redirects to “transmedia storytelling” as if the word doesn’t make sense without the context of a controlled narrative.

My primary concern is figuring out whether our experience of a particular story gains anything from having content across different platforms, and if so, if there is something about the execution of the technology or story-telling that can be captured and re-used by other narratives and writers?

As this new media develops, and is augmented by perceptive and adaptive functionality, mixed with gamification and choice-driven narrative, will we discover traits that can predict success, or tropes that can quickly establish familiarity?

I believe that transmedia can deepen engagement and immersion in a storyworld, and also in learning and on my transmedia page I hope to document how that can happen, and what happens when it does.

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