Blog Every Day in November #BEDN


Here’s a challenge!  Blogging every day in November – that’s 30 posts in all – will really get you used to blogging, and understanding WordPress.  Social media is 24/7, so getting into the Think Blog Every Day mindset is important.

Think Blog Every Day

The challenge was conceived by Birmingham-based blogger Elizabeth Sellers, as a way to inspire herself and others.  Mostly so far its been craft-bloggers, so let’s inject some geekery.  Blogging is at its heart a social thing, so I think the challenge is a great idea for newbie bloggers as well as perhaps jaded old hands  . . .

I am going to take up the challenge do you care/dare to join me?  Head over to Rosalilium to sign-up.

Out of interest, other challenges you can do in November include growing a mo & writing a novel.  Think #BEDN is the choice for me 🙂



Know of any other challenges going on in November?  Please comment below.

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