How to attribute a picture correctly on

Where to put the attribution

The easiest place to put the attribution is somewhere in the text of your blog post – perhaps at the end.

If your theme allows for a picture caption to be displayed to your readers, this is the ideal place to put your attribution, but you will need to cut and paste some HTML to get the right result.

Putting the attribution in the Caption field

I find it easiest to write the attribution into the normal wordpress post editing window, that way I can put the hyperlinks in as normal:

“A Hedgehog’s Back” by Denis Defrayne is licensed under CC by 2.0.

Then I switch from VISUAL view to TEXT view:

attribution code

Then I can copy and paste this HTML into the caption by editing the photo:

A hedgehog's back
“A Hedgehog’s Back” by Denis Defrayne is licensed under CC by 2.0.

 Best practice for attribution:

  1. Use the Artist’s title for the piece.
  2. Link to the Artist’s profile page, or their about page, or equivalent.
  3. Link to the original source of the piece – e.g. the original Flickr page.
  4. Link to the license deed.

I also like to link the main picture to the original source using the “Link To” field, then my blog readers can get to the source of the image – and its owner – with one click on the photograph.

Please put any questions in the comments.


How to add your WordPress blog to the Creative Commons

The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice a new addition to my blog design – a creative commons license.  You’ll find it at the bottom of the left column.  You may have to scroll down a way!  It looks like this:

liz cable blog cc license

We’ve been learning about Creative Commons and Public Domain licensing in our Online Research class, and we are all busy going through our images and media on our blogs to make sure we are giving credit where it’s due, thanking those who have allowed us to use their media. Alternatively we may have to  choose new media when we realise we haven’t got the creator’s permission to use something, or if we can’t track down where we got it from (a very common occurrence!).

However, we really need to protect ourselves as writers and media creators too.  Assuming we want our work to be shared – how can we let people know?

You can learn the WHY of creative commons licensing

You can learn the WHAT of creative commons licensing 

And as for HOW to add the license to my blog, these are the steps I went through:

How to add a Creative Commons License to a blog.

Go to the Creative Commons site, and choose  a Creative Commons License

CC choose a license
Choose a license here.

The code you need to add to your WordPress site will be automatically generated in the bottom right box.

In another browser tab, login your WordPress Site and go to the Dashboard.

From the Menu choose Appearance, and then Widgets.  The one you want is the Text Widget

Click on the Text Widget and drop it into one of the sidebars of your blog.

text box


Give it a title – I just put “license”.

Then copy and past the text from your license box into the text box.

Press the blue [SAVE] button and you are done.

Remember that if you are at any point going to use media with a share-a-like license, then you need to make your media share-a-like too.