Podcast Challenge – Hunt my Head

This weeks challenge is another double-whammy –

  1. investigate how undergraduates and graduates can use social networks for job-seeking
  2. script and record a podcast of no-longer than 5 minutes on how to use your chosen social networking tool for job-hunting.

Advice on creating an appropriate profile and possibly portfolio on the network, as well as how to find potential employers and grab their attention is what’s needed.

Networks of choice are Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and of course, LinkedIn

Hummingbird – big changes to Google search reward indepth content

Hummingbird (Photo credit: Marie Carter)

How very timely for the middle of our blogging course . . . a Google algorithm change that Social Media Today is calling “the biggest thing to happen to search in a long time”.

Wired magazine is so excited it’s misquoting Star Trek – Google Hummingbird: Where No Search Has Gone Before (or do I mean Star Wars?)

Hummingbird is a completely new search algorithm that affects 90 percent of all searches, and we’ve all been using it for a month without even noticing.  That’s exactly the intention. Discrete timely, relevant delivery of the content with legacy.  That’s what evergreen content provides, and Google is now prioritising search to find and display it.

“the biggest thing to happen to search in a long time”.

One of my go-to blogs has also got it covered: Mashable on Hummingbird, as has B2C – with a good explanation of Hummingbird specifics.

A brilliant Hummingbird FAQ at ever reliable searchengineland probably leaves us with as much as we need to know for now about this latest update.

Question for #MFC4322: What IS evergreen content?  And how does Hummingbird continue what Panda and Penguin started?